Got crypto? ✅

Get paid DAILY to HODL them in this wallet! 👀

Are you currently holding at least $500 of any of these 8 cryptos?

💰 Litecoin 
💰 Ethereum 
💰 Ripple
💰 Doge
💰 Eos
💰 Dash
💰 Bitcoin Cash

✅Get paid DAILY to hold those cryptos in this more secure decentralized wallet!

✅You, and only you, have access to your wallet’s private access key!

✅Over 400,000+ users already in the eastern parts of the world (China, Japan, Korea)!

✅This wallet has the added benefit of exchange arbitrage!

✅Arbitrage earns you 6%-18% per month!

✅Paid on a daily basis!

✅Your funds are liquid to you at all times!

✅Their own token’s value has gone from $0.40 to now $19.12!

✅They are becoming a full exchange later this month!

✅Aiming to get to 10,000,000 users (like Binance)

✅Binance had a 1 level referral program

✅They have a 10 level referral program!

✅100% match on what your personal referrals are earning in arbitrage DAILY

✅10% match on what your 2nd-10th level are earning in arbitrage DAILY

✅NO recruiting necessary to earn from arbitrage DAILY!

✅Payday is 7 days a week!

🏆Step 1. Download and register the app ( you can get it HERE )

🏆Step 2. Transfer $500 of crypto into this wallet

🏆Step 3. Activate AI exchange arbitrage

🏆Step 4. Start earning within 24 hours.

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  1. Hi… i have registered and have account in plustoken. How do i transfer some btc and eth frm my other account frm other platform into plustoken?

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